the Where to Start

The seven steps to your success

Get your education in Physical Education/Kinesiology started in seven simple steps.

Step 1:  Apply for Admission

  • Student must apply for admission before registering for classes. Please choose your student scenario below:

Step 2: Tuition Assistance

Step 3: Orientation

  • New students are required to complete the online orientation. Visit the Matriculation website for more info.

Step 4: Assessment-See Fullerton College Counseling Department for information regarding the assessment process.

Step 5: Counseling Appointment

  • Students are encouraged to set-up an appointment with a counselor in order to develop a personalized Student Education Program Plan (SEPP) which will chart the student’s future course through college. Make an appointment in person or by calling (714) 992-7084, walk-in counselors are available periodically. For more information, visit the Counseling website.

Step 6: Register for Classes

  • Prior to registration, new and returning students will receive an email and notice through their myGateway account with an appointment date and time to register online through myGateway.

Step 7: First Day Attendance

  • It is extremely important that you attend the first class meeting. Failure to attend my result in being dropped from the class.