Welcome to Fullerton College. As one of the most dynamic fields of study in Higher Education, the FC Physical Education Division welcomes you to  programs of tremendous academic promise for our students. Our faculty and staff are here to assist you in meeting your educational goals, and our courses, degrees, and certificate are designed to help you meet those goals. Mission Statement: The FC Physical Education Division is committed to providing an environment and resources that allow students to achieve success in reaching their educational goals. In the pursuit of such excellence the Division emphasizes quality instruction, critical thinking, lifelong learning, and the health and safety of students when applying these instructional concepts now and in the future. This website should help you successfully navigate the program of your choice. But as the transfer policies of every university in the nation can vary greatly, we recommend a meeting with an FC Academic Counselor before embarking on any program of study, and regularly thereafter to ensure you are making satisfactory progress towards your goals at FC and beyond.