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How will this class work?

  • You will do all your class work on your computer at home, at work, or in the Fullerton College computer lab.
  • All the information for the class will be posted on a web site specifically for this class. The web site will be supported by software called WebCT (which you don't have to download).On this web site you will find the home page including the chapter material, subsequent E-mail questions directly from the chapters, and required responses to the "Discussion Board", identified on the homepage as "Ask The Coach".
  • Mandatory on campus orientation.

What do you need to do?

You need to be organized and do the assignments that I give you. You also need to communicate by using the "Bulletin Board" and the E-mail component. All questions that you have should be asked via E-mail. The Bulletin Board is strictly for class assignments. All Discussion Board responses and chapter questions are due before the next posting and chapter material. Don't wait until the last minute to do your work because the lectures and assignments will go away within a given time frame. Late assignments will not be accepted.
What computer information should I know? You should know how to:

  1. Connect to the Internet.
  2. Type on the computer.
  3. Run your Internet browser.
  4. Create, read, and send E-mail attachments with your E-mail

What equipment do I need? You need the following:
Windows '95 or higher (or Windows NT) for PC or Systems 7.0 or higher for Macintosh systems.

  1. Internet access with Microsoft Internet Explorer and netscape Navigator.
  2. A modem that is at least 28.8 8Kpbs (56Kbps is better).
  3. Word processing software such as Microsoft Word 97.
  4. If you plan too use a computer on campus, you will need to buy a Fullerton College Lab card in the bookstore to get in to the computer labs.
Technical Requirements

The Connection: You must provide your own connection to the Internet through an Internet Service Provider.

The Interface: WebCT requires either Netscape Navigator 3.0 or higher or Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher as the interface. You can use earlier versions but some features will not be available and you will most likely get errors.

Chat Sessions:
In order to use the Chat features you must have a 32 bit operating system (i.e. Windows95 or higher). If you have difficulty using Chat, please talk to your instructor.

Company Firewalls:
If you are accessing WebCT from your office, you may run into problems with your companies network. If you have difficulty logging into your course, contact your IT office at work and discuss the issue with them. The college has no control over the way your company network is configured; it's important to deal directly with the IT staff at your office to resolve problems.

Working online:
It is required that if you are submitting assignments by E-mail (chapter questions and the research paper), you should always create the documents off line; in other words, create the documents using your own word processor, save the file then E-mail to me as an attachment.

How do the assignments work?

I will post questions on the "Bulletin Board"(Ask The Coach)( found on the homepage) (not required for the Winter Intersession class), and you must reply three times per section, five sections total to receive full credit. I do not accept partial postings. A partial posting is simply agreeing/disagreeing without substantiating an answer.

There are required questions to answer from the chapter material i.e., Chapters 1-3, found also on the homepage. Click on the Chapters, read the material and answer the subsequent questions. This must be E-mailed to me as an attachment. If a writing assignment is due, you have until 11:55 p.m. to turn in your assignment on the due date not 12:05 a.m. Be sure to check the class schedule in this section. All work is due before we move to the next chapters.

  • Late Assignments
    Online courses are designed to facilitate learning at an individual pace. However, to allow for timely completion of the course, all assignments must be submitted electronically by the stated deadlines, or earlier.
How will attendance be taken?
Conventional attendance policies are not applicable to online courses such as PE 250. However, you are required to participate in the course by completing the sequence of assignments, contribute to the "Bulletin Board", and stay in regular contact with me via E-mail.

How will the standards for the course be?
We will use the same standards that are used in a classroom. Your writing will have to be college-level writing which include careful organization, clear reasoning, logical and well explained examples and detailed development. Do not think that the complications of computer technology and cyberspace transmissions and the casual mode of E-mail conversations will allow work to be at a lower standard that expected in a regular class.
Although this course may be more convenient for you than a face-to-face class, do not think that it will be easier or that the standards for the assignments and evaluation of your contributions are lower. If you do not have the time or commitment to engage in a regular class, then you do not have the commitment for this course.
Course Objectives:

  1. Identify historical influences on United States sport programs.
  2. Describe minority and ethnic contributions to sport in the United States.
  3. Analyze and identify social class and social mobility as they relate to sport.
  4. Evaluate the consequences of sexism for females in sport.
  5. Outline and discuss contemporary trends and the future of sport in the United States.
  6. Differentiate the influences of ethnic and divers cultures as they appear on the United States sport scene.

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