Fullerton College Physcial Education

Educational Degrees

A.A. Degree: Dance

Curriculum leads to the Associate in Arts Degree. This degree requires that you select 18 units from the courses listed below:

DANC 103 F  

Dance Technique I (1) or 

DANC 104 F

Dance Technique II (1) 

DANC 105 F

Ballet I (1) or 

DANC 106 F

Ballet II (1) 

DANC 107 F

Modern Dance I (1) or 

DANC 108 F

Modern Dance II (1) 

DANC 111 F

Jazz I (1) or 

DANC 112 F

Jazz II (1) 

DANC 120 F

Dance History (3) 

DANC 202 F

Dance Composition and Choreography (2)

DANC 203 F

Dance Production (2) 

DANC 204 F

Dance Rehearsal and Performance (1-4) 

DANC 205 F

Dance Ensemble (2)

Restricted Electives

(2 Units)

DANC 110 F 

Ballet Folklorico (1) 

DANC 115 F  

Hip-Hop Dance I (1)

DANC130 F 

Afro-Caribbean Dance (1) 

DANC 132 F

Flamenco Dance I (1) 

Restricted Electives

(2 Units)

DANC 102 F 

Conditioning for Dance (1) 

DANC 113 F

Tap Dance I (1) 

DANC 114 F 

Tap Dance II (1) 

DANC 119 F

Dance for Theatre (1) 

DANC 214 F

Dance Repertory (2) 

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A.S. Degree: Fitness Professional

urriculum leads to the Associate in Science Degree for employment in the fitness industry. The Fullerton College Fitness Professional Program is designed to educate students that are entering into the fitness industry or for those that are interested in coaching, exercise training, counseling and fitness training. This industry has a need for trained instructors and exercise test technicians in sports medicine clinics, health clubs, fitness studios and in the area of coaching.

The degree requires completion of 26 units of which 18 units are required courses. An additional 8 units must be chosen from the restricted electives listed below.

Required Courses (18 units):

ANAT 231 F   

General Human Anatomy (4)  

PE 154 F

Fitness Testing w/Exercise Prescription (2) 

PE 235 F

First Aid, CPR and Self Education (2) 

PE 248 F

Psychology of Sport (3) 

WELL 200  F

Applied Exercise Physiology (2) 

Restricted Electives (5 units) 

ACCT 001 F

Accounting for Small Business (3) 

FOOD 060 F  

Foods for Fitness (2) 

WELL 020 F

Fitness Assessment (.5) 

WELL 230 F

Body-Mind Connection (3) 

PE 150 F  

Rhythmic Aerobic Exercise (1) 

PE 182 F

Body Building/Body Development and
Weight Lifting (1) 

PE 236

Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries (3) 

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A.A. Degree: Physical Education Major

urriculum leads to the Associate in Arts Degree. This degree requires 18 units.

Required Courses (18 units):

ANAT 240 F  

Human Physiology (5) 

PE 236 F

Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries (3) 

PE 235 F

First Aid, CPR, and Safety Education (2)

Restricted Electives

(3 Units) 

PE 248  F

Psychology of Sport (3) 

PE Activity

2-3 Different Courses (1) 

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